The world is experiencing some extraordinary times right now, and its easy to get caught up with all of the negative news that is being reported from all corners of the globe. With a lot of uncertainty and big events being cancelled, it is normal to feel a bit anxious. But with everything going on, we are also seeing the good side of humanity.

There have been some news stories from all over the world that show there is reason to feel positive. A landlord in Maine, USA has said he will not be collecting rent from any of his tenants next month due to the Coronavirus outbreak. This will be one of the biggest causes of stress for people as their normal jobs may be disturbed, so this landlord knows he can give people some relief and that’s exactly what he has done. 

There has also been the story of a customer leaving a $2,500 tip at a restaurant in Colombus, which is an amazing gesture to help workers through this challenging time.

With schools closing around the world, some have found themselves with lots of excess food that would normally be served to students. Some of these schools, are now providing free meals to anyone aged 1-18 within their districts, while Disneyland in California has donated its extra food to a local food bank.
In Australia, the supermarket Woolworths has started opening for a dedicated hour only for the elderly and disabled to allow them to do their shopping before panic buyers.

We’re also starting to see some good news about the virus itself thanks to the amazing work of doctors, nurses and scientists. More than 1,000 people have recovered in Italy, while South Korea is reporting more recoveries than new cases for the first time this week. People are working hard to develop treatments and tests have begun for a vaccine in the USA, while in Ireland they have made a testing kit that takes just 15 minutes to give a result.
Besides all of this there are people doing their part to help their communities all around the world. Let’s all be kind and supportive to help humanity through!

Try to stay as calm as you can and do the things that you normally don’t have time for. Remember that people will be dealing with it in different ways so be kind to everyone. #mmlove