It’s an interesting time for people and organisations all over the world, and the Premier League is no exception.

I am sure the first thing on people’s minds is when can they get back to their normal day-to-day lives, and football is a big part of that for millions of people around the world.

We’ve all heard that the dates of resuming the football season have been pushed back to a later stage. Now that we know the Euros will not be happening this summer, the main focus will be on finishing each domestic league. This is a big problem because there is so much uncertainty.

If I was still playing I would want to be sure I can’t get infected by playing because even if you recover like Hudson Odoi did for example, you still don’t want to get it and pass it on to your family after you come home from work.

A few different ideas for how to finish the league have been thrown around, with some arguing the season should be finished no matter when that might be, meaning next season will have start later than planned. Others have suggested there should be a system where as many games as possible are squeezed into a few weeks to make sure the season is done in time.

Player contracts make this an even more challenging question as some players will be out of contract or even at a new club before the season is finished, and there are big financial hurdles for the clubs in lower divisions too.

These are tricky times for everyone, and maybe it’ll help if we take stronger measures as crazy as it sounds, but we need a global lockdown so we can beat this virus. Two weeks of closing down for everyone in the world, and then we can slow it down instead of keeping it like this and it’ll end up taking six months to a year. If we don’t do that, we might fix one country but then it goes over to another. 

We are losing lives too fast and people are starting to get financial problems so if we keep going on like this we will be worse off in the long run. Stop everyone from going outside instead of only giving people a €400 fine for not staying more than a meter away from others, like in Holland. I know this sound crazy but if we want our lives back quicker we need to be tougher quicker! #mmlove