The whole situation with footballers is getting out of hand.

First of all, as a professional player you are viewed to be making ‘too much money’, but I always say a club can only pay you a top salary if they make a better return themselves. In the end it comes down to some simple economics, the goal is that clubs pay the players and in doing so make a profit.

Yes it’s a privilege, but aren’t we the same as any kid that is born with a dream. We work hard to achieve it and our belief makes us successful. The other kids wanted it as well but for some make it and some don’t, and most likely its dedication as believe me, there is a small margin of luck. 

Having said that I have been reading about a lot of players giving 30% of their wages to support the health system. Of course I think this is an amazing gesture and can only applaud it. You play for a club and you are planning to play there as long as you can, or at least for the duration of your contract, so you want to make sure the club stays healthy and help to keep it that way as a team. 

But now that the whole country is in trouble I do think all people who are in a similar, fortunate situation, not just footballers, should help. We are talking about lives being saved and yes that is why this is more important to stick together and try to help the ones who need it the most. This is also the reason why I am surprised about clubs paying the footballers, but not necessarily paying other staff in full. 

They should definitely pay players, but absolutely not forget the backroom staff and everyone else employed by the club. I am sure there are people who live from paycheck to paycheck and those are the ones that will be in way harder times right now. 

These people make sure the players are able to perform to their best by delivering the best job that doesn’t always get noticed. The same principles apply, the club pays them and their efforts contribute to the success of the club. You can’t play the most beautiful game with great players if the group of people working around them are not happy or want to leave. #mmlove