As rumours circulate around the stars that Chelsea are approaching, I see it as great news for the club and the dressing room.

Every team needs competition in it because that is what makes players hungry and improve themselves as they fight for a place in the starting lineup. I have experienced that situation myself at Ajax, where it was no surprise when they would bring in almost a new team of players you had to compete with.

You change the way you look at games and the way you prepare for them because you know there is someone behind you trying to get your position. This is how I saw the arrival of Werner and Ziyech, and Chilwell, Havertz and Silva will be no different.

It’s very easy to look at each individual and thinking, do Chelsea need a new signing when they already have so many great talents at the club?

But look at Giroud, Werner and Abraham all fighting for the opportunity to be the main source of goals for the blues. This battle will be great and we will see the one that is as cool as they come leading the line for a long time. It doesn’t matter what your past record from previous seasons looks like because you will have to do it all over again. This is why you play at a top team and why I love it when these players fight for their place.

Ziyech will be the link to influence the game, the same way he did at Ajax and Twente, only this time the league will be physically tougher and faster, so he will need to adapt quickly to the pace. That way we will get to see the player that likes to make his team tick.

Chilwell is one of those players I was impressed by when he was playing under Southgate for England’s young team in France. When I saw how comfortable he was on the ball I quickly asked who he was because his timing of attacking was so great.

I really hope we will see that a lot, and knowing that other teams will try to test him on the one v one, but he stood his ground well at Leicester so let’s hope we get to continue seeing the player that plays with so much confidence shine at Chelsea. 

When it comes to Thiago Silva he does not need any intro. He has done it over and over at in a number of competitions and I hope he is ready for the Premier League, because it is a league that can give you a surprise. You would expect that he should be able to handle it and hopefully bring the calmness and experience on and off the field. Experience like his is always important at the back. #mmlove