I have been waiting for a game like this where you see the best at work, achieving their highest level on the pitch that we all love to see.

Normally when you watch Barca, you see that their opponents are worried about them turning things up a level and it can often be a case of sitting back and defending for their lives. This time the game was different because Bayern didn’t turn up to be scared of losing the game. They arrived with so much confidence and belief of winning the tie.

It was a difficult game for the man we know as one of the greatest to ever play the sport, because Bayern were pressing high, and when you see a team press that high it’s hard for Barca to get the ball to the danger man Messi. The Germans won the ball back really fast and made sure they made Barca think about what they could do to stop them pressing and playing so well and with such confidence.

This was a goal fest and you could see both teams trying to win but only one started fast, attacking the first half like they only had 45 minutes to win the game. How many teams play one v one with Barca?

Munich have so much quality that Barca had a really hard time with the speed they were facing when Bayern burst into their final third. Who would have thought they could tame the mighty Barca, but it was 4-1 at half time.

Thiago is so calm on the ball with great vision, and he was instrumental in midfield. In the first 45 minutes it looked like Bayern were stronger and physically fitter than Barca, playing their own game without getting any problems from Barca’s traditional pressing style. This was a game with more fire on the bench than on the field for Barca, and they could not get back into it when Bayern started to run away with the result.

This is a perfect moment to make everyone understand that when the Germans get the better of you they will continue to punish you and try to score up until the final whistle. It was a perfect performance from Bayern, in what seemed like men against boys.

If Bayern can bring the heat against Lyon in the semi-final then they can get the win and go on to face PSG or Leipzig in the final. Anything can happen but Bayern will be the favourites for many after their dominance against the great Barca. #mmlove