One player is dominating all of the headlines at the moment, and this time it’s not because of his amazing goalscoring record or an unbelievable performance, but because he could be leaving the club he has been with for nearly 20 years.

Messi is Mr Barcelona, but I would love to see him play in the Premier League. 
It would be great to see him take on the challenge of a new league, playing the only way he can by dominating the game and going after all of the trophies.

We have seen him being compared to Ronaldo for so long, so it would be great to see him away for his comfort zone, starting a whole new life and aiming for glory with a new club.

This is what Ronaldo has been doing and is still trying to do once again at Juve with the aim of bringing the Champions League back to Turin. Cristiano has seen success in three leagues now, and sometimes people use that as a reason for why Ronaldo’s career may have been better than Messi’s, but if Leo can go to the Premier League and continue with his amazing performances and record then it would silence all of those people. 

What I didn’t see coming was the way Leo seems to want to leave so badly, exiting a club where he has won everything you can win at club level. That is why it’s so interesting to know what he has on his mind and the reason is clear that he would love to change clubs and move away from Barcelona. Those Barcelona fans love and worship Messi, and it is the club that nurtured him into a pro, so you know if he leaves the decision can not have been an easy one

It’s clear that Leo does not believe the new Barca would be ready to achieve glory and dominate the way his team has been doing throughout Messi’s career.

He is so good that sometimes you think that the level he is playing at is just impossible for an opponent to understand, because he thinks so quick when he has or wants the ball.He is so good in changing or influencing the way a game and when we see defenders struggling to stop him we just think it is normal because it’s Messi. Seeing that in the Premier League would be great for fans in the league, and it would be especially good for the club that gets him.

The latest reports are that he may be in a big money move to Man City to be reunited with Pep Guardiola and his good friend Sergio Aguero, and it is a very interesting situation. Other stories say that he is likely to stay at Barca.

Messi’s father went over to Spain to have the conversation with Barcelona, and that is something that had to happen because it would not be a nice way to leave the club after so many years of success. You would think with everything Messi has done for Barca, and everything Barca has done for Messi in his career, the club and player should be able to find an agreement, but it will be interesting to see what happens next. #mmlove