When football is being played we should be talking about who is winning or losing but things took a really different turn this weekend.

When you see the reaction of the people on the pitch, around the stadiums and at homes across Europe and the world, seeing that everyone cares more about the person than the game you know you are loving the right sport.

I was watching the game of Denmark and Finland when I just saw nothing happen that would usually make the game stop, but this unique player that I of course know from Tottenham and Ajax, lying on the floor. It was very unclear what was happening at first but the next thing you see the Denmark captain Kjaer turning him on his side. 

It quickly became obvious that this was a very serious situation and it was traumatic and difficult to watch. It was those moments after the incident where nobody knew exactly what was happening that were very worrying. Kjaer and Schmiechal were both amazing at communicating with Eriksen’s wife and calming her down on the pitch. And then there were a few positive signs that followed that suggested Christian might be okay.

It was still an anxious time for all, especially those closest to Christian such as his family and teammates of course, but to every football fan and human, as we waited for a proper update.

I will be honest that you could only say to the team that they should do what they feel is the best because whatever decision they take I would totally understand if that is to continue or go home because of the big shock they went through. Everyone experiences moments like this differently and you can only justify responses when you experience it personally and you see someone fighting for their life, and you feel like you can only hope but can’t do anything about it other than wishing for the best.

Hearing from his camp that he was stable and facetimed the team to wish them the best was all myself, as an ex-player turned football fan, wanted to hear. We’ve not seen photos of him from hospital smiling with his thumb up which is what we had all hoped for.

The message that Lukaku said to the camera said a lot about how people think about this player. I hope he will respect the time for himself and we will give him that and thank the reaction of his teammates, the healthcare professionals and the referee for their reactions and heroic work. 

Get well soon Christian. #mmlove