Everyone around Europe is getting the popcorn ready as we approach Euro 2020 kick off on Friday. Bud across the Atlantic they are preparing for another huge football festival with Copa America.

We don’t normally see both tournaments in the same year but this time the two competitions will run side by side and we will see the champions of Europe and the champions of South America on the same day, 11th July.

Kante has played down his chances of winning Ballon d’Or this year, but of France win the Euros and he plays an important part you would have to say he is one of the top contenders. Not many players lift the Champions League and an International tournament in the same year, and if Kante is instrumental in both he could go down as the best player in the world in 2021.

On the other side of the world Kante’s teammate Thiago Silva will be looking for glory with Brazil. Brazil are the favourites as is often the case, and they’re on the hunt for their 10th Copa America trophy, after winning last time in 2019.

Argentina are another big side that will fancy themselves as the favourites, having won the competition 14 times in total.

And then there is Uruguay who hold the record for the most titles with 15, after their most recent success in 2011. Suarez and Cavani is a dangerous striking partnership that could keep any defenders awake at night. Colombia and Chile are two sides that could also win it with their recent successes at International tournaments over the past decade.

When it comes to big tournaments like this in South America it’s hard to predict because the passion that will be shown by the players is something you rarely experience. I have to watch and imagine how great it is to compete in a game full of Latino passion. 

Of course I would have Basil and Argentina on my list but it will be bad if I didn’t include Uruguay, Chile and Colombia knowing they might have missed out on key players. This is one I will be watching with crossed legs and some popcorn to see if Brazil can fire past the big hitters I have mentioned. 

It’s going to be a festival of football for football fans across the world and I can’t wait to see the action start on Friday. #mmlove