If we look at how interesting this season has been for the blues it would be impossible not to see how they have influenced football.

They were the team that had a lot going on when Lampard took over and had the most interesting period of not being able to buy any new players due to the transfer ban. Chelsea had been smart with their transfers over the years, going after trophies and bringing in great players that could add more to what they have been building each year. Lampard was the manager that had to be very creative and smart in the sense of how he would move things forward with what the squad already had. 

It was a good thing for the club if you think back, because they learned to work with what they already had and tried to get the best out of them. The season after that they had a better picture to see what was needed, and looked at the young players coming through to see who was ready to be a regular in the first team. That is why it was so great to be a young player when Lampard took over. The opportunity to be given your chance was there.

As a young player you work hard and all you think about is how quick you can get to the level that is needed to become a regular in the first team. Then when you get there you are told that getting there is easier than staying there, so you feel like you have to stay on it to keep going forward.

Then when the boss leaves and a new manager comes in you have to do again and impress the new one. The club felt Lampard could not bring Chelsea to the level they wanted so they gave another manager the chance to so. Tuchel got 18 months to do it and we know how quick Chelsea changes, so they gave him a test but it ended up being a great test. 

He had to change things quickly and had to get his team playing, as he learnt what they were good and not so good at within just a couple of training session before the first game. You then need to build the team that Frank left with a lot of talent. This was why his tactical game needed to be on point.

We saw young talent like Mason Mount rise by adding more to his game that he knew was needed to make sure people stop thinking it was easy for him under Lampard. He became the key figure and played football to make all the doubters say he needs to be in that team. Mendy also was a key guy. When all the pressure was on the Goalkeepers he came in and won the battle by performing, and everyone calmed  down and he kept moving forward. 

The other player I feel would be a criminal not to talk about would be Kante. He is so calm and it’s so great to see how he makes football look so easy by just anticipating things at the right time. Even when he fouls the opponent he has a smile on his face knowing that it could be a yellow. The ref even looks and thinks what a gentleman. 

I enjoy watching Kante play and how the team quickly changed under Tuchel. His influence of making the team hard to score against and then countering when the opponent feels like they’re in control, going right trough you like they just did in the Champions League final. I have heard so much of Havertz name but he silenced a lot of people by scoring from a great assist from Mount.

Now there is one important factor for Chelsea to focus on and that is bringing someone in to score the goals that are needed, especially knowing now that everyone wants to beat them. #mmlove