Holland have finished top of their group at Euro 2020. At first it was his International Club coaching career, and then the system was a big question because Frank de Boer changed it and played 3-5-2 instead of playing the traditional 4-3-3.

The question would be ‘who did it before for Holland?’ and the answer is Louis van Gaal, Frank de Boer’s old manager. 

But it’s working so far, even though Holland haven’t really been tested yet defensively, and that would be a great to see. Holland loves playing with a lot of space behind the defensive line and that is what you learn when you play at Ajax too. Now they have De Ligt and Blind playing at the back and instead of Wijnaldum protecting the back line like he did so well at Liverpool. He is more advanced for Holland and De Jong is the one that is the creative one of the two, and opens things up nicely while De Roon is the silent worker.

What will happen when they meet two fast forwards and two key midfielders that control the middle? This is the question we don’t have an answer for yet.

In this three-man midfield, Wijnaldum is the one that is making the connection with the defence and the attacks look really easy because they don’t have anyone at the moment that works as hard to make sure he closes and attacks, like only he can do. The energy he puts into the game is not normal and creates a great balance. We saw that in the last game when he made a run from one box to another, passing his own teammates.

When Wijnaldum was awarded man of the match v Macedonia he was surprised because he thought it should’ve been Memphis or De Jong. This is what a real caption does, looking during the game at what the team needs and seeing who is playing well, and ends up forgetting about his own performance.

Now they are in the next round but Holland only wants to win playing beautiful football and sometimes we forget that winning doesn’t always have to look good, but just has to get done. This sometimes makes you feel you are from Brazil or Argentina when they are at their best, but they both have much bigger populations than Holland. 

Yesterday’s game saw England land another win and now the question will be if you feel they already got tested in the group. I feel it’s still a group that has to be won with more confidence. They let the game run too long at 1-0 and that uncertainty means the team have to put in more energy. They need to look like they are in control for the full 90 minutes.

This is very important for the countries like England to make sure they keep the run going. I know they didn’t concede and are leading the group but I still think England has more to give. #mmlove