The beautiful thing about football is that no matter how much you build up individuals it will always be a team effort.

I like to support the young players and will always want them to get the opportunities. Mason Greenwood has always been on people’s minds in the last few years as a young talent, and I am sure Man Utd will do their best to get the most out of him. I also feel when you play with that much comfort and have experience around you then you have to be a smart young man, asking questions and learning from the guys that have been doing it for so long.

Coming through the youth system after joining Man United’s academy at just six years old, Greenwood made his first start for the senior team in a Europa League match against Astana in 2019, and he became the club’s youngest ever goalscorer in European competition with his goal, which was just a few days before his 18th birthday. He had already been playing for the Under 18’s since the age of 16, and became top scorer in the Premier League North.

He has a lot of skill that would give anyone a hard time. In one-vs-one situations he will not wait, he’ll just take you on. He finishes very comfortably so for me this is super interesting to give the young man the supply he needs. 

And let’s not forget that he needs to get the most out of the great opportunity he has created for himself right now. I say this because there are a lot of great young talents that I have played with and watched over the years, but they can get to the first team and then stop asking more of themselves. Greenwood has no reason to be among them because he has enough talent to stay there and upset the teams around him, because he will and can get better and better.

Greenwood could become the next big striker at Man Utd, if they continue to nurture his talent rather than trying to bring in a big-money signing from elsewhere in Europe so he ends up on the bench.

We can also see the talent of another young man, Chalobah who has shown in his last two games for Chelsea that he is good enough to fight for his position. The beautiful thing about that is there is so much competition at Chelsea and you need to cement your place really quickly. Kounde is still on Chelsea’s radar and I said it’s always good showing interest when you don’t need to buy anyone because some of your young boys will try to show you that you don’t need to spend in the market.

Chalobah also came through the academy and has been at Chelsea since the age of eight, working his way through the ranks.

I know people will say you are only young and don’t worry. I remember after playing three games for Ajax, and we were in the dressing room and Van Gaal asked me in the team meeting what I thought about the game. I answered talking about what we could have done better. He then said well done, and you have played three games so you are not a prospect anymore, but are considered a senior player. Your young talent time is over so forget about it. #mmlove