Not many people saw this one coming. Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Manchester United caused a media frenzy as the story quickly emerged.

At first there were rumours he might leave Juventus, followed by suggestions that Man City were preparing a deal. It made sense, because Aguero had just left the club and they were on the hunt for a new goalscorer.

Man City are never going to be short of goals with the way they play and the depth of talent in the squad, but Ageuro’s record in the Premier League has been one of the greatest ever in the league so a big name with a natural goalscoring ability was still high on the agenda.

After failing to get Kane, it looked like Ronaldo might have been an obvious choice, even despite his status as a legend at their rivals in Manchester.

Then the news started to break that Ronaldo was on his way to Manchester, and to many that made it seem like his move to Man City was about to happen. But as we got more details it became clear that Cristiano was actually more interested in signing for his old club, Manchester United.

That’s what happened and it was a romantic return to England for the Portuguese star.

“I’m so happy to be back home after 12 years,” said Ronaldo, who now has more than 30 trophies in his cabinet, including five Champions League titles.

After it was confirmed Ronaldo would get the number 7 shirt, he broke Man United’s daily shirt sale record in less than four hours.

The key things in this move will be that Man Utd have got a man that loves nothing more than to break records over and over again. Ronaldo deserves the highest level of respect for what he’s brought to the game, taking it to an even higher level with his achievements.

We know he won’t be using the pace like he did the last time he was in the Premier League, but he still has enough pace, and now has the intelligence to see where he can be most effective, making sure he’s in the right place at the right time. Good luck to anyone that thinks they can stop him easily now that he’s 36 years old.

The excitement is high in Manchester, and for all fans of the Premier League. The season ahead should be an exciting one! #mmlove