Steven Gerrard has been leading his team on an unbeaten run in Glasgow. 

After a 4-0 win against Ross County, Rangers are now 13 points clear at the top of the table, and are 24 games unbeaten in all competitions. This is the third season that Gerrard has been at the helm, and he is aiming to make it Rangers first title win in 10 years.

What I like so much about him is the belief he has in himself, that he knows he will build his team and make them the one to beat.

The Scottish Premiership is always watched closely because of the two big clubs that have followers that wear their jersey not just in Scotland, but all over the world. We have been seeing the run of Celtic, who have won the Scottish title 9 seasons in a row, but it looks like Gerrard has come from Liverpool and thought ‘enough is enough, this is my story’ and has turned the corner with Rangers who we now see back at the top. 

We know they were in a downfall recently due to financial reasons because of the mistakes that the club made. But Gerrard has changed the way supporters watch their team and gave them the belief just how he gave it to the players. The confidence and belief that Rangers could get back on top grew from there.

All that’s needed now is for Rangers to win a piece of silverware. This will give everyone at the club a massive boost and show that they are winners, which could help them sustain their success over time.

In his playing days, I admired Gerrard for his quality as a player, and his motivation and drive for success, that started when he was getting ready in the tunnel to go on the pitch. He looked focused and determined to win every part of the game as a player.

That is the key that he still brings today get his players going. If you can make your players know they can be better and achieve higher, than that makes them go into every game with a winning mentality. #mmlove