How can we not talk about Zlatan.

When we look at a player that worked his way to the top and managed to stay right there for this long we know we are talking about a very special player.

It can be easier to become a professional athlete than to stay one because sometimes we have that word called luck on our side. But Zlatan has been at the top of the game for 20 years now. At 39 years old he is still making it look easy and he’s as fit as most 25-year-olds.

He is the first player over 38 years old to score at least 10 goals in a season in one of the top 5 leagues in the 21st century, and it has taken him only six games. He is so focussed and determined to keep pushing each day to achieve more and that is why he is a joy to watch.

His career has seen him play Europen giants such as Ajax, Barcelona, Inter and AC Milan, Juventus, PSG and Man United. Everywhere he has gone he has scored goals and he has won the title for almost every club he has played for.

He left PSG, where he was the main man, to go to Manchester and after a sad injury a lot of people thought this is never going to work out for him and there is no way he will return to his best. But he always seems to have the perfect answer to people that doubt him. He ended up going to La Galaxy and scoring some great goals, before it was time to return to Europe and back to one of his previous clubs Milan. 

When you arrive at a new club it is normally a hard task to find goalscoring form but Zlatan proved everyone wrong again. How can you make scoring goals look so easy when I know personally it isn’t.

I like players like Zlatan a lot, in a word where people think you can only take the path they tell you to. Zlatan’s focus is different and he manages to do things in his own way. Let’s hope his injury against Napoli isn’t something to worry about because he is not a player to come off in games for no reason.

I look forward to seeing the lion keep roaring. #mmlove