This is what we love to see in the League.

We have three top teams all fighting to create more daylight between each other. When we look how things are changing at the top of the table so quickly it’s of course Chelsea that stand out as the team that slipped up, knowing they were leading by a couple of points.

Man City and Liverpool are the two clubs that have been in this race for the last few seasons and they are just carrying that on again to nobody’s surprise. It’s Chelsea who had all of the eyes on them, and they should be handling this type of battle with confidence after winning the Champions League last season.

Now it’s so open and the next two months are key because December and January are often the two months that show us how things are going to pan out. We know the energy and understanding of the players are starting to gel again for Liverpool. They press together and they have a strong focus with the drive that Klopp always brings to his team. 

But his side will be impacted by Salah and Mane heading to the African Nations next month, and he knows he needs to focus on seeing if he can get someone else to pick up the important role of scoring so many goals. Salah nearly scores one goal per game on average with 14 in 16 games so far this season. And Man City has the same problem with Mahrez who starts or is good at changing the dynamic of the game when he comes on.

Chelsea is the team that has to try and take advantage of this situation, but first need to focus on having one mean goal scorer. Even though now they have the whole team chipping in with goals, you would always like that to continue but also have the main man you can look to for goals. The quicker they have that and build the confidence back in the team from playing from the back, they will show all of us they have their confidence back. 

For now the confidence is not on the level they would like it to be and that is of course affected by the injures Tuchel has round him. Still, they have invested a lot and maybe Liverpool hasn’t spent as much but they are still teams with great coaches that have to be able to work on the future plans. And in those plans you must have solutions to missing players due to the African Nations and injuries.  #mmlove