Newcastle have made their first steps to building the new generation under the new owners, with Kieron Trippier joining the club from Atletico Madrid.

This is a player that we all know from his time in Spurs and England in recent tournaments, and he is one of the many talented full-backs that England has produced in recent years.

Trippier’s time in Spain was a success, as he will return to England with his first major trophy after Atletico won La Liga on the final day of last season.

It’s a great signing for Newcastle and a sign of what is to come from the Saudi owners who are looking to build the next big club. There are reports that Newcastle hope to bring in at least three more players this month, to help keep Newcastle in the Premier League and build again in the summer for next season.

We knew this would make people think Keiron would be going for the money only, but it would not matter who goes in the beginning of the takeover because they would say that anyway. He was brave to go abroad and find his glory and feels it’s time to head back to the UK. They have to start the journey of building with the best players they can because you don’t want everyone coming over with the main goal of picking up a great paycheck. 

We knew Newcastle had a long way to go but they will have been disappointed with their placement in the league at Christmas as they fight for survival. Trippier is the kind of player who has experience and is used to winning so he should have a big positive impact in the dressing room to lift morale.

It’s going to be interesting to see who they bring in next and how the team will shape up at the end of the month, and while some will say they don’t like to see the teams buy their way to success, I think most will expect Newcastle to survive this season if they’re able to get those extra few players.

Then all eyes will turn to the Summer transfer window where there will no doubt be a lot more business done, but it’s when step at a time, and January recruitment and getting out of the bottom three is top of the agenda for now.
Eddie Howe has done a good job to lift spirits since he came in too, so things are starting to move in the right direction for the Magpies.

Let’s see how it unfolds in the rest of January and into the second half of the season! #mmlove