Just like everyone else, I’ve been watching Paul Pogba closely since he started making a name for himself with some
great performances and amazing goals at Juventus.

He plays with an elegance and ease that reminds me of Patrick Viera, something a lot of us would dream of having. With a move to Manchester United looking more than likely at the moment, I hear a lot of discussion about his ability and whether or not he’s really worth the rumoured €120M+ price tag.

But Pogba is the new star in the game of football. Some people might say a lot of luck is involved, but I’m sure if you ask him he would tell you leaving Man Utd motivated him to get to where is he is today.

Imagine how you would feel arriving at a huge club with the mindset that you’re going to make it happen, and then it all goes a different way. You move to another big team and the only thing you’re focused on is progression.

He’s playing the best football of his life, meeting people he admires all around the world, loved by the new generation – and he’s only 23. That’s also one of the reasons Adidas was so smart to snap him up and make him one of the key figures of their brand. He’s incredibly marketable as a sports star, but he’s also incredibly talented. Those goals and skills don’t come from nowhere, but from believing in yourself and the hard work what we don’t get to see.

I don’t think we saw the best of Pogba at Euro 2016 because I felt like he was the sitting midfielder, working as the connection between the defence and the midfielders. He’s at his best when he has the freedom to attack and uses his intelligence to set people up and score when he get’s the opportunities.

The gentleman Romelu Lukaku introduced me to Pogba a couple of weeks ago. We had a brief conversation and have stayed in contact, and I can tell you all the money talk hasn’t gone to his head. I hope it will stay that way because the feeling I get from him is that he loves what he does and will keep doing it with a smile.