It’s not easy to talk about one of the great players-turned-managers that has just lost his job.

Lampard was always one of those players that would work hard on getting better every single day. This is why I was so happy when he became Chelsea manager. He was also one of the guys that I wanted to do really well and I always believed in the combination of Jodi and Frank because I thought they would start working well on letting the new young talents come through.

I think they needed the time that you just don’t get in football any more. Frank had a great first season where he was not even able to sign any players because of the ban. When the moment came and the ban was lifted, he bought some of the players he wanted but they needed way more time to get used to the demanding schedule of back to back games and the style of play.

That was the moment things started to change. Of course he knows the club inside out so he knew how the owner would react if he didn’t get the results he wanted out of Frank. I know there were some people who questioned some of his tactical approaches because Frank was struggling with the form and outcome of some of his starters. Now that things have changed I hope he will take the time to reflect and start again. 

When you had a career like he had it would be a big surprise not to see him go at it again. You did what some of us dream of doing. #mmlove