Kevin De Bruyne is, for me, by far the best player to enjoy watching. 
He is so comfortable on the ball, you can see that he does not feel the pressure, and every week he shows us how he enjoys his football.

When you play for a team like Man City and have so many great players around you, it’s not easy to become the star man and outshine all of them, but De Bruyne does week in week out. He is one of those players that makes everyone else around him look even better than they already are, and that is saying something when you consider the amount of talent in the City team.

That is one of the hardest things to do and it’s a big part of what makes people miss going to stadiums. I am sure you will have seen his assist against Crystal Palace, where he just stood outside of the box and delivered an amazing cross with the outside of his boot, an inch-perfect ball for Stones to attack and shine again by scoring a header.

He is possibly the best passer of the ball in world football right now, and this assist was the perfect example of why. It was his 100th assist for Man City in all competitions, and is the 10th most assists in Premier League history, having played fewer games than everyone else in the top 10. He has a long way to go to ever reach Ryan Giggs record of 176 which may not be beaten for a very long time after such a consistently successful and long career, but the journey continues for KDB.

I started watching Kevin closely when he was at Wolfsburg because his time at Chelsea was a short journey, although one where he must have learned a lot. After spending a bit of time in the Bundesliga he was really great when he moved back to the UK. He arrived in Manchester and just kept improving, rising to become one of the greatest in the world. 

I like him a lot as a player and even when he plays just okay, he still looks great. These are the kind of players that make the Premier League so fun to watch, and hopefully De Bruyne will be back from injury in time so we can enjoy his performances. #mmlove