We have seen what an amazing job Pochettino has done at Spurs, and after a bit of a rough spell it looked like he was going to be able to turn the corner. To do so he wanted more support from the club but that time ran out, just six months after taking them to the final of the Champion League.

It was time for him to part ways with no away win in the league since January. Everyone at the club clearly has huge respect for him but it felt like there needed to be a change with results not going their way and morale dropping week by week. And who is better to steady the ship when the morale of the team is dropping everyday? Mourinho who, with his big persona, will take the attention away from the players and put it on himself so he can push his player behind doors to perform better and give them the confidence that’s desperately needed. 

Look at Deli Alli, he’s one of the players I enjoy watching the most but this season I didn’t see many glimpses of the Deli that we all love as fans of the game. Luckily for us, that is the same thing Mourinho saw, and he spoke to him and asked if he could bring back the Deli from a few seasons ago. And if you watched some of the recent games you could see him starting to look like his old self again. Scoring, assisting and bringing that winning spirit, which is key. 

Spurs still have a lot of work to do but if they want trophies they have the man that knows how to deliver them. If anyone has the discipline and focus to make that happen its Mourinho. They came close to Champions League glory last season, but as Mourinho pointed out: “To arrive in the final is an incredible achievement…but it’s not history. History is winning.”

Mourinho also plays a higher pressing game and has spent a lot of time watching games and working on TV, providing analysis. This brought him to a place where he personally expressed himself about wanting to work again. I think Spurs have a great manager that can bring them a lot of glory but one thing is for sure – he has to work hard to change the mindset of the players that want to leave. 

If he can stop key players leaving I can see Spurs climbing back up the table and possibly winning a long-awaited trophy next season. This season, any silverware would be too much to ask for, but I do see them getting back to their best and next season they will be up there. #mmlove