Lionel Messi’s goalscoring record in 2012 was out of this world. His 92 goals in 69 goals broke the world record, beating Gerd Muller’s tally of  85 for Bayern Munich and Germany in 1972. He scored more goals than 13 La Liga teams managed between their whole squads that season, and it’s a record that we will surely not see broken for a long time to come.

But Robert Lewandowski is giving it his best shot this season with 27 goals in 21 appearances for Bayern Munich. Lewandowski found the net in each of his first 13 club games of the season, and then netted four goals in 15 minutes against Red Star in the Champions League.

His incredible start to the season means he has scored two more goals than Messi had after as many games in his record-breaking 2011-12 season. To break Messi’s record he would need to keep up this crazy pace for another six months which is not likely, but stranger things have happened in the beautiful game.

The most impressive part is that Bayern Munich has not played particularly well as a team this season but Lewandowski is still doing his job perfectly. He is surely the best number 9 on the planet right now.

What I like about him is that he will always be busy on the field, and will not shy away from a challenge. Another thing he has, that all great strikers possess, is that when you think you have him in your pocket for the whole game, he will find a moment when you’re over-confident and hurt you. He’s one of the best examples of a player who can score a goal out of nothing.

I know Harry Kane and Benzema have a lot of similarities but at the moment Lewy is stealing the show for me. He has that fearless style and look about him that no defender wants to play against. Defender’s always want to be in the striker’s head to win the battle, but with Lewandowski, you can’t get in his head at all. #mmove