The Champions League tie against Porto was one of the results Chelsea really needed, so we knew coming into the game it was always going to be one to watch very closely.

As an outsider, you always look at how a team is going to react after such a heavy defeat to West Brom at the weekend. It was like watching a team that had forgotten all the key things you need to remember when you’re one man down. Chelsea attacked like they were leading the game with three goals at times. But that quick one-goal lead changed into a defeat.

The performance against Porto was so much better and they played much smarter. You could just see how Tuchel took the defeat to West Brom way more seriously than we expected. He must have looked back at the game and knew that if he played so open again Chelsea would be stretched and Porto would be a team that would make it hard to get back into the game.

Tuchel took the time to prepare his team a lot better in terms of controlling the game and managing the pace. There were moments that Porto could have scored but Chelsea made sure they got away from home winning two-nil and not conceding. This will give the blues a big boost!

It was good to see how they took the two goals, with the great speed of the pass to Mount, with a great turn and control to finish the goal off. Then it was Chillwell’s moment where he got some help from the bad control of Carona, and the way he took the ball past the goalkeeper is exactly what he needs to do to get on the score sheet and keep putting on the pressure he is facing in regards to the battle with Alonso.

We all know how impressive Porto can be so Chelsea won’t take the return game easy, but at the moment it is their game to win and go through to the next stage.

This weekends game should not be a big difference in what we saw against Porto, and it’s important to prepare well to win the game against Palace so they can play the return game against Porto in full confidence. #mmlove