The World Cup Qualifiers is always an interesting time, as we get a chance to see the international teams in action, but this time it is even more interesting as we will get a peek at who is going to be going into the Euros on form.

The Euros kicks off in just 3 months and we’re going to see all of the European teams in action over the next week or so. England are one of the teams we will be keeping a close eye on as they are the favourites for some of the bookies. It’s the first time there has been so much expectation on England for a little while so it will be interesting to see how they can handle that at the tournament in the summer.

England made it to the last four of both the 2018 World Cup and last year’s Nations League tournament, and that is probably why the bookies are thinking it could be their first triumph since 1966.

France are another favourite for the summer and you have to say that they are always in with a chance, especially as the reigning World Cup champions with strength in depth. Mbappe is one of the main men of the moment and lots of eyes will be on him in their World Cup Qualifiers.

You can never write of Germany either, and they will have a point to prove after their 6-0 defeat to Spain in November in the Nations League. 

The Netherlands are looking strong and we will be hunting for the first trophy since the 1988 Euros. One of the most important things will be how Frank de Boer deals with the new job as an international coach. I know that sometimes we can get caught being naive because we are so focused on making sure we win with style. This had been a case for a long time because we are a small nation but sometimes forgot to handle things like a small nation, and learn to win simply, not always with the focus on playing the most beautiful game.

Some games can only be won by going after winning even if we don’t play the greatest. This is why we always say you need to play one against one and have the confidence to play with 40 yards behind the defenders because they need to be smart and fast enough to handle that.

That is definitely something we are good at but some opponents know how to make it difficult because they wait to expose the space behind our defenders. If this mix is solid Holland will be great in keeping their focus on the goal of winning a big trophy no matter what. 

Spain and Portugal will also be a part of the conversion, not to forget Italy who failed to qualify for the World Cup but then were unbeaten in qualifying for the Euros.

The World Cup qualifiers are going to be more exciting than usual as we get a chance to see the form of all the international teams and how the players gel, with just a couple of months to go until the Euro’s kicks off. #mmlove