I hope Chelsea pushes trough in announcing Lampard as their manager.

As a club and team they are in the situation with a lot of key things to consider at the moment, and the transfer ban is definitely one of the most important ones. How great would it be to see the next John Terry coming trough as a result of not being able to buy any players. The club now has no choice but to look at the young talent coming through the ranks, and you know these players can’t wait to compete on the biggest stage.

Tammy Abraham is an example of a player who could thrive in the next couple of seasons, given the opportunity. “The transfer ban is not what the club wanted but for us it’s exciting. There’s no better time to play the youngsters. It’s now or never,” he said.

Lampard’s assistant Jody Morris has invested a lot of time in the youth of Chelsea when he was a successful coach at the academy, and he will be able to give Frank the right advice around the great young players who are ready for the next step.

These two have known eachother since playing together for Chelsea in the early 2000’s when I was there myself, and worked together as a management team with Derby last season, reaching the playoff final. It would be interesting to see how far they could take a club like Derby over time, but could be exactly what is needed at Chelsea to take things in a new exciting direction. With Petr Cech joining the backroom staff, there have also been rumours around Chelsea greats Drogba and Makelele returning to the blues.

Knowing that Jody was a young talent of Chelsea himself, I am sure he would take a lot of pride in discovering the future of key players that can change the game for Chelsea again. 

When you look at them you see Chelsea as a team that has had a lot of managers coming in to introduce their systems and approach, but they almost all brought silverware to the club and then left after a short spell.

I know appointing Lampard as a manager will be risky but any manager is a risk, because you find that some don’t care about the club’s history, focusing more on their shelf life by buying top players in hope of instant success. If Lampard can change this team and add some great young players to his core Chelsea team, he can build a great set up that could be crucial for the years to come.

The biggest fight Lampard and Jody will face is time, like every manager. It will be up to the club and fans to see how much they are willing to give him.

I wish them and the club nothing but greatness because both deserve that. #mmlove