One of the biggest news stories in the past week was of course the announcement made but the man who has transformed Liverpool in the last few years.

Jurgen Klopp came to Liverpool in 2015 and said straight away you need to be confident and fearless to take that job. His journey was off to a great start and he created a great team by making stars of players who were not already known as stars. Players such as Van Dijk, Salah, Irogi and Alexander-Arnold have all become household names in the sport but they were not the big names they are today before they worked with Klopp.

This was one of the things he created by building their belief, focus and topping it off by making them better individually and as a team. You could see his strong character from day one, and you could see it in the players as they delivered a high-level style that required them to be fit and capable in order to play a high-intensity game. 

He was known for being one of the main managers using the high press system that he saw success with immediately, as Liverpool went on to win the Champions League in 2019, and the Premier League title in 2020.

Klopp announced that he will leave Liverpool at the end of the current season and take a break from football management as he is “running out of energy” and “cannot do the job again and again and again and again”.

He also said that he would never manage another team in England other than Liverpool, but after 9 years as Liverpool manager it is understandable that he needs some time away from the game which is of course very demanding at this top level. 

After achieving so much he will be walking with his head high but I know would still like to top it with the Premier League Title this season. He is a winner and I am sure he will be going after it to finish the season before he takes his break.

Yesterday you could see one of the key things for Liverpool was to not let Chelsea get out of the press so they start the defence with attackers. And you can see how hard Nunez works, always looking for an opening, with Diaz and in-form Jota pressing from minute 1.

This is what made Chelsea struggle to find a way to attack with Palmer. Liverpool’s energy also tested Chelsea’s defensive line which was shown then they conceded their first goal where Jota ran through the middle and the young boy Connor Bradley was not tracked down by Sterling doing another powerful run and scoring.

Chelsea started to look a little irritated in the middle because they could not break the press and allowed Liverpool to win a penalty, which Nunez did miss. The first half was a perfect example of what Klopp has instilled in Liverpool and what we have seen him build over the years.

He created a new midfield with the likes of Szoboszlai and Macallister and that was a perfect example to make them quickly understand what he wanted, and yesterday the first half was the outcome because the second-half was all about holding onto what they had.

We have to be honest and know that Liverpool was by far the better team. They really ran the show yesterday in bringing Klopp’s ideas and tactics to work, with a high line and full energy in the press. #mmlove