With players back in training and dates set for the Premier League to return, it’s an exciting time that shows us where the country is heading.

I want to see football being played the way it should be, with everyone playing for trophies and the fans having fun in the stands, but for now the first priority is to make sure the health and wellbeing of everyone is taken care of.

For now the stadiums are empty and it will be a little longer before we see spectators at the game again. I remember when we would train in stadiums for a couple of days before the game to get the feeling of the stadium. It was fun because we knew what was about to happen the day after. The stadiums would be full of fans and there would even be times where we could not hear each other. The first time I experienced that it made me upset (as an inexperienced player) that I could not speak to my teammates because there were 50,000 people at the Ajax stadium.

Now it’s a different situation and I am sure most players will is the packed out stadiums, but they will have to wait till we go back to normality. The fans too will have to wait, watching the action from their homes. The fans are still going to be excited to see their teams return to the pitch, and there is also some excitement happening away from the field with transfer talk.

Signing a new star is always a great moment for a club and all of the fans, and Timo Werner is one of the players in the spotlight at the moment. We have been talking about this guy for some time as many clubs have been watching him closely, and now we’re waiting to see if Chelsea bite first.

He has great pace and strength, with a keen eye for goal which will make him valuable to a lot of English teams. I will be closely watching to see if he makes the move to London. If he does sign for the blues then an interesting thing is about to happen because if one player has had a great season so far it is Tamy Abraham.

He has been scoring and growing in his game incredibly well. He must be thinking that no matter what the competition will be in the squad, as long as it will make him push hard to stay and perform like he had been doing then it is a good thing. Healthy competition will help him stay in form and will keep giving him the desire to grow and become his best. #mmlove