I’m really sorry that it had to be this way George, but the incident in Minneapolis that tragically took your life has shaken the world and started a conversation that is still needed across the globe.

Your life was taken for no good reason, and it is one of many such incidents but the whole world has seen what happened this time. And the whole world seeing it has made us wake up. Thanks to camera phones we have been able to shine a light on the reality of these situations and highlight the problem like never before.

Throughout history people have had to fight for justice and equality, and sometimes the level of outrage has been high but that is how we have created change, and the outrage is justified. Some of the damage and other things that cause more harm I do not condone, but it’s important that people stand together for what is right. 

The incident has shone a light on the things people of colour have to deal with. At the worst it is physical and verbal abuse, but there are many levels and it can even be subconscious and systematic. Things that can seem small at the time can marginalize people and ultimately feed into systematic racism.

Trust me because I am talking from experiences that I encountered when I became a professional footballer with Ajax. If anyone says they don’t understand it it’s because they have never experienced the feeling of being a victim of racism. Riots aren’t normal but Racism shouldn’t be either.

Raising these issues will make people of all creeds more conscious of the way they treat each other. All people are created equal and nobody is born racist because someone has to make you racist, and the best thing to do would be to ask yourself who, and why?

The human race is the only race that matters, and one day at a time we are trying to create a world where nobody is born with disadvantages just because of the colour of their skin. #mmlove