Liverpool’s incredible season saw its first blip at the weekend. 

Nobody expected relegation-threatened Watford to take anything from the game, and with Klopp on the verge of breaking the Premier League record for most consecutive wins it almost felt like a formality that the Reds would get the win.

All of the talk before the game was about Liverpool, their amazing season, how they were going to break the record and how they compared to the Invincibles. 
But on the pitch it was all about Watford. They tore Liverpool’s record apart with a resounding 3-0 win, their first in five games, and it was the biggest margin of defeat for a side starting the day top of the Premier League since 2015.

Nobody could argue that Watford weren’t the better side on the day, and the result lifted the Hornets out of the relegation zone with 10 games left to play.
For Liverpool, it will just be a minor blemish on a season that will see them lift their first title in 30 years. This Liverpool team is certainly one of the greatest in Premier League history.

Arsenal can sigh with relief that their Invincibles will remain the only unbeaten side in Premier League history, and what that team did was amazing. There could be an argument that this Liverpool team is even better despite having an imperfect record, if they go on to break the 100 points mark and maybe even top City’s record for most points in a season.

Watching this happen and seeing the resilience that Watford brought confirmed why this league is so well respected on a global scale. Even if you play or live somewhere else and you love football you will know that in the Premier League the top teams can lose to anyone.

Watford have changed Liverpool’s momentum, and now they have been knocked out of the FA Cup by Chelsea too. We know they are a great side but we also knew this was coming because even the greats show some cracks after a while.

They know winning the league was the objective this season but now that you have that in the bag it would be sweeter to get even more than the league. The Champions League is their other opportunity, with a 1-0 deficit to overcome in their second leg tie with Atletico. #mmlove