A lot has happened in the last few days in the world of football.

Jack Grealish has changed club and made it clear that it was hard decision for him when he got the offer, but he is a great talent and when that’s the case you want to test yourself and play with the best every day.

I know there are Villa fans that would love to see their captain stay but this is something that will never change when you have a great talent in your team. He was the player in their side that would change things when needed and I could see he always took on a lot of responsibility when I’ve watched Villa.

Now that he is going to be at City he will understand that to be a key figure again he will need to start the battle from scratch, because there is almost no one in that team that isn’t used to great competition.

Now that journey is starting for him and the price tag above his head will be one of the key things too. As long as he can keep his self-belief he will surely make fans enjoy watching him. If someone would ask why he left then there is only one answer, when a top player gets a chance to play for a team that needs to be at the top every season and has a team that keeps getting better every year. You surely want to be there because playing against the best is great but it helps when you are playing with some great ones too.

Now that Messi is leaving Barcelona it will be a big head turner for a lot of people. No one saw this one coming, Aguero joins Barcelona and Messi had agreed before their last conversation together that he would stay. The new ruling in La Liga changed a lot of things for Barca. They have to fix their financial books and because that was not in place they could not keep the player that did not only help push Barca to glory in the last decade but also helped La Liga get more exposure. 

Now that they changed the rules and want to fix things, they messed up. My question is that this is not the first and surely not the last time a great star enters a club as a young boy, and becomes a legend as a man, and they almost want him to leave without knowing how great he was for the club and league.

This man did magic and we all know an end will come one day, I just hoped it wasn’t yet to happen and surely not this way. #mmlove