I think some coaches always try to plan their work to see what their next move will be as a manager. If you look how calmly Mauricio Pochettino was when he was let go by Spurs, he watched matches and kept himself in the game by appearing on the UK sport shows and sharing his knowledge.

I always feel it is interesting and understandable to see how a previous player that knows how it all works at a club would plan to join them as a coach. Pochettino played alongside the likes of Ronaldinho at PSG when he was player, and now he will be taking up the role as manager at the club he knows so much about.

I have never worked with Poch but I was fortunate to speak to people that knew him very well, rather than just reading or hearing from people that think they know him. They all enjoyed working with him because they said he could make you feel like you can awlays improve and enjoy the process.

He has also always been one of those coaches that looks like a deep thinker. At Spurs he would stand near the line of the bench and would coach his team expressively, but always looked in control. We as players know what happens when coaches are like that because as soon as they come in the dressing room and the door closes, and the performance isn’t what they wanted, you see them let loose by having a go at some of the payers. 

The way he took Spurs to the final of the Champions League was super interesting, especially how he turned the corner against Ajax. I like a coach that can bring a bit of the ‘no mercy’ side of his Argentinian roots to the game.

The only thing I didn’t understand in the UCL final to this day is that it took him so long to understand that Winks and Sissoko next to each other wasn’t working because both played the game too safe. The ball would go from left to right and that was slowing the game down too much in a big final. When I know Sissoko likes to take a lot of risks and normally makes the game go way faster.

Sometimes we would say football can be hard when you are on the receiving side but you just need to learn and understand a club wants to stay at the top and if you don’t meet their objectives you will need to go, and that is what happened to Thomas Tuchel. Now the door is open for Mauricio Pochettino to take this club to the next level and one of the key things they are fighting for is winning the Champions League just like Manchester City. 

It feels like there is a battle between these clubs for who will win it first so now key moves need to be made to be the first in bringing that glory home.

That is why Poch is thinking about bringing Messi to Paris. It could be one of Poch’s big moves and trust me he is not the only one that wants nothing else more than making this move happen for the two Argentinians.

Neymar is too expensive for Barca to buy back and Messi just confirmed that himself. Neymar said he misses Messi and can’t wait to play with him again. They already have another great one in Mbappe so the dream is there to be finished by a key person like Poch. #mmlove