I didn’t think I would see Sam Allardyce back in a managerial job in the Premier League.

When you look at what he achieved, and even what he had achieved when I was still playing, you can see that he is one of those coaches that could get top players to his club and revive them and make them perform great again. When he was at Bolton as a manager for example, as a player you had to take notice of what his team was doing.

Back then you could see that he was capable of building his career and eventually becoming England manager.

Now that he is back I want to see if he can do it all again and build a strong side that players look at and think about joining.

The game keeps changing a lot since his last job, and the question will be if his style and philosophy is outdated, or if it is still effective and can be adapted to the current tactics of his opponents. He likes to make a team that is hard to beat and puts a lot of creative players on the pitch to make sure he can use it to win games.

I like the fact he said it’s nice to see teams play football that is great to watch, but that he is a man all about results. So I look forward and would love to see how he will set up with his team against a side like Liverpool.

I know it will be a big test and might take a while for things to take shape for him at West Brom, but I’m looking forward to getting a glimpse of how he will move his team forward.

You can see the tactics of the club West Brom were clear, and that’s why they made their change right before the busiest period of the season so the new manager has enough time to put his systems in place. He’s a man with a lot of experience and this will be a great test case to see how Big Sam will manage it all. #mmlove