When I was young I didn’t want to be a footballer. I had one of those small plastic cars that I could climb in and race off in. It inspired me to be the guy who would chase people, like something out of a Badboys movie. That’s how I thought life would be as a cop, so I wanted to be a policeman.

But that changed because of my brother. He never wanted to be in the police and in life you have to dream and hope to become someone that is almost unreachable. For me it was my older brother. He had what it took to be the most successful man on the planet. He had the drive of wanting to achieve big things and the energy to do whatever it took.

That’s why he always challenged me growing up, he made me build my mental strength. I remember playing football and at halftime he would stand on his own away from all the parents so I had to walk over to him. He would never shout or make any noise like you see most parents do. If you go to watch junior football now you will see most parents turn into coaches. I hated it because they would also try to tell me what to do.

But my brother would tell when no one could hear us and tell me stop being bullied and that he didn’t get out of bed to watch someone play like he doesn’t want to win.

This would pump me up and motivate me because I felt I was disappointing him, so the next half it was on. All I wanted when I came off the pitch was for my brother to grab my head against his chest and say “well done brother.” That feeling was magic.

Looking back at my school years I was enjoying it but it wasn’t my favorite thing to do. It was the breaktime that I really enjoyed, where me and my friends could get together and play football. The only thing that motivated me to do well at school was all about winning, and getting a good score in tests was winning for me. I would come home and show my mother and that allowed me to play football longer on the streets.

If I hadn’t made it as a footballer I probably would’ve become a store owner because that was the other thing I liked. Fashion always inspired me and I enjoy it when man and woman dress well or super comfortable.

That’s why I never had one look. I enjoyed changing it because when my sister used to teach me how to dress it was all about trying to change things up. But I’m grateful I made it in football and doing so has moved me into entertainment, and boy o boy I love it.