Jurgen Klopp was unveiled at Anfield last Friday in front of 200 journalist and the constant clicking of camera shutters. “I’m sure Liverpool fans are clever enough to understand that we need time. If things need changing, I want to do it as soon as possible, but patience is important,” he said.

Today a manager’s job is harder than ever due to the spending power and impatience of clubs. Owners want immediate results because they see their club as a business, and fans seem to lose patience with managers quicker than ever before.

Take Brendon Rogers for example. He was given almost £300m to spend on transfers in his 3 years in Merseyside, and I don’t think he always signed the players Liverpool needed. Players would do a job (and show character of course), but that isn’t good enough for a club of that stature. The benchmark is high at Liverpool, and they should be competing for the title every season rather than just Champions League spots. But now Jurgen Klopp is the new man in the spot light and that belief has been lifted.

We see a similar scenario in North London at the Emirates. When I think about Arsenal and Wenger, I look back to the period when I played in the Premier League against the Invincibles, with the likes of Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry, and Dennis Bergkamp.

Those are the days the fans want to see again. And they’re losing patience because Wenger doesn’t always like to spend. In fact Arsenal were the only club in Europe’s top five leagues not to sign an outfield player in the summer transfer window. Instead Wenger dedicates a lot of time to developing young players and even sells his stars to rivals at times.

How much more time do Arsenal need? Yes, they do play the best football in the league at times, but the fans want more than that. The fans want trophies. Winning the Premier League could give them the belief to go on and win the Champions League.

This season patience is also running thin at Stamford Bridge. All eyes are on Abramovich as Chelsea go through the worst spell they’ve ever had under Mourinho. After all the glory he has brought in the past, fans are starting to question his ability. It’s a perfect example of how long the hero status can last when things start to go against you.

Mourinho has had the International break to think about what’s been going wrong, and If things don’t change we could see another manager in trouble because of this thing we call time. That’s what every manager needs. I hope the owners tell them how long they have left to bring glory, but I’m not sure that it’s always clear before they lose their job.