There are two athletes that have been recognised for doing amazing things over the past week.

The first one is a guy that has been at the top of his game for nearly two decades. Lebron James has broken another record, becoming the first man to win the NBA championship with three different franchises, the latest time with the Lakers. He’s one of the most talked about sports stars on the planet and for good reason.

No matter which team he plays for you usually have them down as the favourites to win. Few people can dominate their sport as much as James has done, and he is an inspiration to many around the world, not just in the world of Basketball. 

There is always the discussion about who is the greatest basketball player of all time, and the two names that pop up most frequently are Michael Jordan and Lebron James. Younger generations will argue Lebron is the best, while people that saw Jordan in his prime might say MJ is the king but anyone has to admit it’s at least a debate now.

He is in the tailend of his career but we know there is still more to come from this sportsman and we look forward to it.

Another guy that has earned respect this week is a young man from Manchester called Marcus Rashford. This time it’s not just for his performances on the pitch, but his amazing work off it.

When the coronavirus lockdown was put in place in the UK the government provided vouchers to families whose children qualify for free meals, but they were planning to stop that in the summer. Rashford had relied on free school meals and food banks when he was growing up, and he wrote an open letter to the government to reverse the decision and continue to provide free meals.

The government agreed and it helped 1.3 million children in England get their meals over the holidays.

Rashford will continue to campaign for free meals and it’s amazing to see what this guy is achieving on and off the pitch at just 22 years old. #mmlove