Its been a strange few weeks, and in the midst of it all a lot of people are talking about what is going to happen to the team up north called Newcastle.

There have been talks of takeovers at this club for years, and often the fans will get excited about a potential move before it falls through. It seems like this cycle has been repeated many times, but this team it really does seem different.

The Saudi Public Investment Fund’s proposed takeover is now being assessed by the Premier League, and an announcement is expected soon. We’ve all heard that this deal means Newcastle might become the richest team in the Premier League, and we know a lot of teams are battling to have the most profitable team. 

It’s happened before and they will be able to learn from the clubs that have hade new financial backing before. We know they are going to spend on new players and possibly bring in a new manager, and it would be interesting to see who they target. There have already been lots of rumours, such as bringing Rafa back and Pochettino’s name has also been thrown around as a potential new manager.

Newcastle has historically been a big club with a great fan base, even though they have not had that much success when it comes to trophies, they’ve often been one of the top sides in England. The team was full of stars before they brought in Shearer, and they produced some magic against Chelsea when I was on the pitch. The likes of David Ginola, Les Ferdinand, Andy Cole to name a few.

As outsiders, we know how you have to take your time to build a team to a top-level, and you need time and the right people to understand what is needed. This will be a journey that will be more interesting than we think because they will have more time to plan, and they are going after players and coaches that have that winning mentality. 

We are all excited and interested to see who will be the first and the best to make the move up north. #mmlove