The race for the final Champions League space is getting exciting in the Premier League.

We have arguably the hardest part of the season over, where the schedule around Christmas and New Year is super demanding, and as it stands there are five teams battling for 4th place. Manchester United currently lead the pack, despite being frustrated in recent games against Burnley and Southampton where they lost the lead and only took a point from each game.

United’s advantage is that they don’t have European football or the FA Cup to worry about, so the league is their only focus. And we all know they have the man who can score a goal when they most need it with Ronaldo, so if it goes down to the wire you can never count that out.

West Ham trail by two points after winning just one of their last four games, and looking at the competition around them it is going to be tough for the Hammers to claim that final spot. But they have quality in the side and have the best goal difference of all of the chasing teams, having scored the most goals.

Arsenal are four points behind Man United, but have three games in hand which means they could lead the pack once they have played their extra games. Arsenal also have no European football and will be in good spirits after winning away at Wolves. Arsenal are possibly the favourites to clinch that final Champions League space with that in mind, and Arteta has managed to get more consistency out of his side recently.

Wolves are six points behind Man Utd, but will go level if they win their two games in hand. Wolves have been impressive this season much as they have in previous years, and it’s now a big chance for them to earn a top four place. They’ve scored just 21 goals in 23 games, but have conceded fewer than every team in the league except Man City.

Finally it’s Spurs that have an outside chance of finishing 4th, currently 7 points behind Man Utd but like Arsenal they have three games in hand. Spurs have lost each of their last three games in the league so need to turn their fortunes around quickly if they’re going to challenge for the final Champions League spot.

All in all we have some exciting action to look forward to in this battle, and there’s still plenty of football to be played.

Man Utd have all the experience but a team that doesn’t really look like a team and might not be able to fix that before the end of the season will struggle, so I have a feeling Arsenal will be the most likely side to pass United and take that 4th spot.

The only question is are they capable of handling the pressure and staying calm throughout the process, knowing they are a young side. 

I do like this competition for the Champions League as it should be a good battle to the end of the season. #mmlove