Man Utd vs Arsenal has always been one of the biggest fixtures in the Premier League calendar. But it may not be the blockbuster that every fan looks forward to most, but it is still an interesting fixture between two of the best-supported clubs in the UK and around the world.

These teams have not challenged for the Premier League title in the last few years, but are both in phases of rebuilding to try and get back on top. The game at the weekend was surprising in that Man Utd’s performance was different to how they usually play.

They are usually the team who look to control the game but it looked more like a side that were waiting for their opponents to make a mistake and respond to it. We didn’t see what I expected, but instead a team that were happy for Arsenal to have the ball and think they were in control.

They normally do that for a few minutes and then punish you when you start to think you are in control, by picking up the speed of the game and before you know you are a goal down and playing catch up. Yesterday it was the other way around, and when Arsenal took the advantage you could see a team trying their best to score again but they never had that knife between their teeth to really create an upset. They looked like they lost that creative spark that they normally would have.

The best answer to that was the reaction at the end of Micheal Arteta. He was so happy and I am sure he started the game thinking we can really win here. He took the game all the way to the end and walked away with a big smile.

It was the first time Arsenal had won away at one of the ‘big six’ since 2015, and it means United have got a lot of work to do to build momentum and getting back into the mindset of being winners. #mmlove