There’s a lot of excitement in a small city in the north of England after the news the fans had been wishing for finally came true.

St James’ Park came alive last Thursday as thousands of fans turned up to celebrate the new takeover of Newcastle United by the Billionaire consortium. It meant that overnight Newcastle became the club with the richest owners in world football. We know what this means in real terms, as the club will now be able to invest in some of the worlds top talents and managers, and that can change the fortunes of a club in a short few years as we most recently saw with Manchester City in 2008.

If we go back even further we can’t forget what Chelsea had done after Roman Abramovich took over. We would sometimes feel even more popular than a rock band then, every move or thing you did was highlighted and looked at.

Just as Newcastle are now, back when Man City were taken over, they were a team usually battling to stay in the Premier League, but when man City were taken over they started to bo spend big on talent and quickly turned the club into one that top players wanted to play at. Now we have financial fair play’s rules to follow, but because Newcastle have not invested heavily in recent times they have a lot of money to spend before they start to break any rules.

The new owners have made a plan to invest relatively slowly over a few seasons, but you can tell there is such excitement at the club as the fans can’t wait to see who will be unveiled as the first signing in January.

Newcastle are a big club with on of the best fanbases in the country. It’s always been a stadium that would give any team a tricky moment to go there but it was mostly full and always enjoyable. Their fans would be making sure they get heard the full 90 minutes, so as the opposing team you had to work hard to try and quiet them.

I just remember as a young boy playing at Ajax in a tournament and seeing David Ginola, Faustino Asprilla and of course playing against Alan Shearer. Those were some special moments that the club wants back.

The fans haven’t had too much to celebrate in recent years as they’ve dropped into the Championship a couple of times and fought to avoid relegation from the Premier League when they’ve been back up.

The most interesting thing is going to be how this might impact the league table in a few years. It will no doubt take some time and a lot of hard work for Newcastle to build a team that is capable of winning against the big teams in the league, but soon we are likely to see a Premier League battle for Europe that contains 7 or 8 different teams.

It will have felt as good as winning a trophy for some of the fans when the takeover was announced and it’s no doubt an exciting time in Newcastle. The fans do have to be careful because it will take time to build, but after seeing what has happened with the likes of Man City and PSG it will be hard not to get carried away! #mmlove