In life there are great things that we like to do as a child. We grow up idolizing someone that is special in our eyes. We look at our parents and think damn, these are the coolest. We ask them for their blessings, to believe in us and support the dreams we try to achieve.

For most kids in Amsterdam, that dream is playing for the great team called Ajax. The club that you naturally fall in love with. Ajax becomes our first girlfriend because before that the only time we feel love is for our families. When you are young you think girls are silly, but when you’re older you fall in love with one and you think what was I thinking?

But that isn’t the case with Ajax. When you love them you stay with them. You’re crazy about them. You go to school and play on the streets and you call yourself one of the star players of the first team. You work every day trying to get closer to your dream and when you think you’re almost there someone disappoints you in your journey, but instead of giving up you learn how to use it as a motivation. You go home and think about how you can change their mind in thinking you are a great player.

Every year at Ajax they tell you in December and in May if you meet the standard and will stay or leave the academy. Yes you are a child that has to deal with the emotional situation of a grown man because that’s how you get treated. When you go over all the tough hurdles and make it to the first team you feel you finally made it. Your family and friends are happy but a lot of people will say you’re lucky. But how much of it is luck when you work on your dream every day rain or shine. When it pays off it’s not luck but pure focus and determination to win every fight.

You make your debut and become part of the first team of Ajax so your happy. Then you get told that staying there is even harder than getting there.

Nouri made it and went on training camp with Ajax. He had the feeling that, “Finally I was going to play for a coach that understands me. He knows me because he was my coach in the reserves and will give me a fair chance to shine.” Don’t we all play better when we get a chance of someone that believes in us at our jobs?

It all started great – new coach, new goals and he was feeling stronger in every training session, and got two setbacks because of his ankle injuries but still kept thinking he will be fine. The game starts and he’s running around comfortably without any worries. Then around the 72nd minute, he managed to lie down himself knowing something was up. This super talented young player had to do the fight that he won before in the Ajax youth all over again, but this time it has a different ending.

Kid, if there was anything in the world I could wish for right now for you and your family, it would be for me coming to the Johan Cruyff arena to see you play. Damn, how cool would that have been? But now I won’t have that opportunity, so I send you and your loved ones all the strength and togetherness your family needs in this difficult time.