“We’re racist, we’re racist, and that’s the way we like it, we like it.”

The words chanted by a group of Chelsea fans, if I may
call them fans, who shoved a black man off the Paris Metro in footage
which has been circulating the web since the Champions League last-16
match on Wednesday.
Hateful, infuriating and embarrassing to football.

Sadly, racism and football have been connected for
decades and the sight of fans drunkenly chanting abuse around cities is
nothing unusual. But why is this old fashioned ignorance still prevalent
in the game
today? The victim of the abuse, a Frenchman of Mauritian descent named
Souleymane, is somebody’s husband, brother, friend, and a father of
three. An innocent local racially attacked by a mob of football fans –
for what?

Football is supposed to bring people together for
entertainment. People pay to watch the players, support their favourite
teams and with a bit of luck celebrate victory – but the people you see
chanting in the
video are not fans of football. Chelsea is a great football club with a
fantastic fan base, and the “fans” at the centre of this controversy are
a disgrace to the club and to English football.  They are merely using
the sport as an outlet to behave like pathetic,
ignorant individuals.

Perhaps it would be unfair to impose stronger punishments
on Clubs due to the actions of a small bunch of supporters, but Chelsea,
the FA, the Premier League and the police must do what they can to send
out a
message that racism is totally unacceptable.

Anyone in the world can speak the language of football and the sport repeatedly shows us that human beings are equal.
I don’t see colour!