We’ve already seen some big signings and movements in the Premier League as the clubs prepare for the new season.

One of the major ones that will be good news for Arsenal fans is the arrival of Gabriel Jesus from Man City. Arsenal boss Arteta is already very familiar with Gabriel Jesus after their time together at Man City when Arteta was assistant manager under Pep Guardiola, and the two are reunited after the 45M deal.

It’s a good move for Arsenal, as the Brazilan forward has one of the best goals per minute ratios in the Premier League, and many of his goals have come from him coming off the bench, so it will be interesting to see how many he can get for Arsenal if he is the regular starter up top.

Arsenal have been rebuilding for some years now after they were one of the more dominant teams in the noughties, and their squad is strengthening with the likes of Gabriel Jesus.

Back at Man City, Guardiola was pleased to bring in Kalvin Phillips from Leeds. Phillips was one of England’s most impressive players at the Euros last summer, and he was a crucial player for Leeds in their last two campaigns in the Premier League. 

Phillips said it was a dream come true to sign for a huge club like City, and he has an important role replacing Fernandinho in midfield. 

There was interest from Man Utd too but you could see he felt he had a better chance of being part of a stable team at City, as United have been trying to rebuild for some time. His position is key, and seeing his performances at Leeds I see this is a very smart move from Pep, and a good move for Leeds with the money it will bring in.

It won’t be easy boots to fill as Fernandinho was an important player for City, and Pep’s side play a lot differently to Leeds, but Phillips has the tactical awareness to win the ball and control the midfield when they are in possession.

Richarlison’s move to Spurs is another interesting one, as Spurs attacking duo of Kane and Son have been prolific in recent seasons. Richarlison scored 10 goals last season in a struggling Everton side, playing a crucial role in helping them avoid relegation. He’s a player that goes down easily and this is often met with controversy, but you would expect Conte to get that part of his game out of him, and focus more on channelling that winning mentality into scoring the important goals.

Another big transfer story we will be following closely is the reported move of Sterling from Man City to Chelsea. Sterling would bring speed and goals to Chelsea. Not too long ago wingers were the providers for the strikers and would occasionally score, but the game has changed and wingers are now expected to score a lot of goals for the team. Sterling has evolved as a player from when he was young to fit this role well.

I like players that can take defenders on and I always said Chelsea need players that can take defenders on inside and out to the wing with their dribbling. Today most players go inside and that means they are more predictable, but Sterling could bring this more unpredictable style.

But if Chelsea do secure Sterling’s signature it is still far from a finished job, and there’s a lot more to build if they’re going to compete with Liverpool and City. #mmove