The Manchester derby is one of the biggest fixtures in the Premier League calendar, and this weekend we had a great game at the Etihad with some brilliant goals.

It was Marcus Rahsford who opened the scoring with a rocket for Manchester United on the 8th minute. It was a moment of class and goal that took a few people off guard as we were settling into the game. 

Rashford has been criticised by some fans for his inconsistency, and we did see him fall out of the game a little bit after his amazing goal, but that goal proves he has the ability and if he finds his consistency he would be one of the top players, in any league. The hard thing for him is he scored 30 goals last season in all competitions and now he is at 6 goals more than halfway through this season, so that difference got people’s attention.

But the star of the game was no doubt Rashford’s England teammate Phil Foden. Foden was the match-winner for Man City, scoring a thunderbolt of his own to equalise for Man City, before grabbing another from a nice passing move to give City the lead.

Haaland scored late on to seal the result and give City all three points and keep the pressure on Liverpool at the top of the table.

Pep’s praise of Foden could not have been much stronger after the game, when he said: “Winning games is when you become a world-class player. Everyone can play good but you have to win games and he wins games.
“He will already be a legendary player because in a short age, the games played, the minutes, the goals scored, the titles won and he is from the home and that is why the connection with the fans is unbelievable. He always scores goals but now he scores goals to win games. When you do this, you reach another level as a player.”

Guardiola went on to say Foden is the player of the season after being so decisive for City, which was the case again in this rivalry against Man Utd. #mmlove