Sometimes it’s hard to talk about the atrocities happening in the world.

I’ve been reading online and following the news on TV as much as I can, and I’m so sorry and shocked by how many innocent lives we are losing. There are people out enjoying life with their friends, and those in less privileged countries just on their way to collect water for their families, killed for no reason.

I have to ask myself why? I’ve learnt that the person with power is the one that doesn’t have to use it. Because of religion? I have friends that are Christian, Muslim, and Jewish – to name a few – and these religions are supposed to bring us more blessings. None of them promote such acts of violence.

I know that the Beirut bombing and the murders everyday in Africa don’t get as much media attention as the Paris attacks. I understand that Paris is a beloved and familiar city to a lot of people in Europe, and I have taken many trips to the Eiffel Tower myself. That area has always been all about the romantic times that I am sure a lot of us can relate to. But now that has been taken away by a dark cloud of fear and sadness.

I called some of my dear friends in Paris after the attack, and they were scared to even talk on the phone. They text me to say they were safe and would call me the next day.

Why do you think they did that?

They were scared and anxious about having their phones tapped or that someone would coming knocking on their door. That might sound crazy, but in these moments of fear our minds can be forgiven for coming up with such things.

It’s sad to think that as I’m writing this, showing respect to the lives we’ve lost, somewhere there are people howling with the pain and suffering of losing someone dearly. People have started debating about who gets more attention in the media, and why, but shouldn’t we just focus on showing respect to every family affected?

When are we going to see the bigger picture?

Nobody’s situation is worse, but we just have to pray for humanity, everywhere in the world.

I will be praying for a world where people can pray for whoever and whatever they like without being judged.