Man City have now got one hand on the Premier League trophy following their 2-0 win over Spurs. It was a cagey game and in the first half it looked like City were feeling the pressure of how important the game was.

The atmosphere in the stadium was interesting as Spurs were fighting for a place in the Champions League but also knew a win would help their big rivals Arsenal increase their chances of winning the title.

As professionals the players on the pitch were of course doing everything they could to win the game and get all three points, but you could sense there were mixed feelings in the crowd. Spurs fans could even be heard chanting “Are you watching Arsenal” when they went two goals behind, as though¬†the defeat woke them up and was the result they were hoping for.

There was one moment of fear when Son went one vs one with Ortega who had just come un to replace Edison in Man City’s goal. A day before the game Pep was not aware what squeeky bum meant in English but he fell on the floor when he saw Ortega’s save. He could not get a better intro to the question.

In the end Pep’s team got the job done with two goals from Haaland, a tap in from De Bruyne’s cross followed by a late penalty against a Spurs side that looks like they have lost the spark and energy that they had at the start of the season.

Some people had said that Halaand’s performances this season were a fall from last season, and while his number might not stack up to his debut Premier League season, but if 27 goals in the league is a drop I’m sure any player would take that.

In the end it was job done and now there is just one game between City and Premier League glory for the fourth time in a row. They play West Ham at the Etihad on Sunday, while Arsenal take on Everton. You would expect both Man City and Arsenal to win their games but as we have been shown time and time again, anything can happen in this beautiful game.

We will find out this weekend whose name will be etched onto the trophy. #mmlove