Lukaku is a player that seems to divide the opinions of fans. Many say he’s brilliant, just like myself, but some consider him inconsistent because he has set the bar so high as we have become used to seeing him score goals every week. He did have a dry spell of 1139 minutes in front of goal – but broke that drought in incredible style with an 11-minute hat-trick at Sunderland last week.

It was his longest barren spell in front of goal since arriving in England, and after his treble he told Everton TV: “I am back in business now… I’ve got the goals flowing.”

The truth is, that like any other 23-year old, Romelu Lukaku is a work in progress. And right now he’s on the verge of becoming a world class striker.

All you have to do is look at his goalscoring statistics. He’s now scored against 21 different clubs in the Premier League, and since he came to England four years ago, only Sergio Aguero has scored more goals than the Belgian forward’s 64. At the age of 21 he had scored more goals than Rooney, Aguero, Messi, Shearer and Owen had at his age. And look what became of their careers.

It’s pretty phenomenal. Yet some people don’t place him as one of the top strikers in Europe. But it’s easy to forget how young he is when he possesses so much power.

When I walked into the house of my dear friend Mbark Boussoufa, I met a footballer that was so polite, humble, and who opened up to me quickly like almost no footballer would. We are known for having the cat and mouse moment where we wait to see what kind of person you meet and what they want from you. But not Romelu. He told me about all the things he wants to get better at, and his dreams of bigger things than what he has already achieved. That will make him keep his head down and work harder until he get’s what he wants.

When he arrived at Chelsea he was immediately compared to Didier Drogba, and was seen as a potential future replacement. Speaking on his self-confessed idol last year, Romelu said: “I respect Didier a lot but I think there are still differences in our style of play and I am a young player. I want to play at a high level and help my team-mates out and hopefully at the end of my career I can say I did my best to create a name for myself.” He’s on track for doing just that.