The FA Cup is one of best competitions in football. The fact that it offers lower league and even non-league clubs the opportunity to cause an upset at Premier League stadiums makes for dramatic and captivating entertainment.

When these draws happen, it’s hard for the big club to keep their focus and concentration for 90 minutes. Every player has their off days, and they often happen in these matchups against smaller teams.

The best solution for the big clubs is to not allow the opposition any time on the ball, and press them really high. That way you force them to come out and take risks, which means you can get the ball back quicker.

If the bigger team allows the underdogs to play they will get a fitness test that they will remember for weeks. The low league clubs have different level of motivation as they have nothing to lose, so they will run the opponents off the park. Nothing other than a win is expected of the big team, but for the minions – If they win they did great, and if they lose they did great.

For them it’s an exciting day and an experience they will likely cherish for a long time; to play against world renowned stars who earn more and have already achieved more, who they watch on TV at the weekend.

It’s also a great moment for young, inexperienced players at Premier League clubs to go out there and show the manager what they are capable of, and fight for a regular spot in the team.

If your team is struggling in the league and you’re fighting to stay up, then you might not want a long cup run because fiscally and mentally it can take a toll on your players.

But never take anything away from the FA Cup. It has so much history, and winning it is still something that any player who has won it would love to win again.