Liverpool have replied to Man City with their signing of Darwin Núñez.

The move City made for Haaland was a great moment which added another top talent to the Premier League. We all know how much the league is growing every year in the sense of attracting the best players’ interest.

Haaland was the main focus of discussion for so long, where everyone wanted to know where he was going. Guardiola got his man, after we knew he was also looking at Kane, as he wanted to focus even more on winning the Champions League. Yes we all know how hard it is to win the league but after the club has invested again, they for sure want the league title again next year, but the main focus will be to win the Champions League for the first time.

That is why you bring in Haaland as your main goal scorer. It will be interesting because he will start many games, but he will have to prepare for the moments of rest as Pep rotates his squad, and we’ll see how he will handle that, being patient and still being on fire when he is needed.

We can’t overlook the Americans that have been great in building the business side of American sports and are now focusing on enjoying the profits of building football to an even higher level. Almost 50% of clubs are owned by Americans now.

To keep people wanting to be part of your journey as a football club is of course due to history, but also the present moment and success right now, which is why the big boys don’t want to step back, and want to keep winning trophies whether they have had lots of historic success or more recent success.

But Liverpool have struck back at City with the signing of Darwin, and he’s a great striker that at the age of 22 made the move to Liverpool to make sure they can keep on track, and compete for the league again this coming season.

He scored 34 goals in 41 games for Benfica, and he was instrumental in eliminating Ajax from the Champions League. The Uruguayan then met Liverpool and scored twice but got knocked out.

He has the drive and the skill to score goals and I am sure he had time to speak to fellow countryman Luis Suarez about how it was at Liverpool as well as the experiences of Cavani in the Premier League. We all have seen the Uruguayan winning mindset so I expect a lot.

That is why my eye will be focused on Chelsea and on what they are going to do to keep up with Man City and Liverpool. Will they keep Lukaku and will he answer the question Chelsea had before he arrived. Will he be the striker that could score the goals, especially if the team is going through a rough patch, or will they move for a new striker that will cost another big sum while the defence is screaming for help.

Man Utd is a team that has to go through the rebuilding process and this will be a moment for ten Hag to show how prepared he is to build a new team. It’s not going to be easy and knowing the Dutch culture I hope and wish he does not come with the mindset we have in our country, because the character in Holland is too nice and you only notice it when you cross the border.

Tactically I am not so worried but I am more worried to see how quickly he will be able to make the team understand his way of playing. I hope he will not be as open and vulnerable as we are when we lose the ball in possession – when you see Ajax play in Holland most of the opponents are scared of them. If that is the case it would be a surprise because he has the intelligence of a man that loves the game and thinks about the game 24/7.

Spurs are the team that are going to enter the Champions League, and is a big step but they have a great manager in Conte and he has the mindset of a winner. When it comes to them my biggest concern is seeing how they will handle the additional games. It’s always going to be a big impact and knowing Conte, he loves playing the same players for a long time. That is why I hope he will make smart changes because if not he will be dealing with a team where players will burn out quickly, especially when we have a World Cup in the Winter too. #mmlove