Ranieri, of course, wants nothing more than to win the league.

A team that no one could have backed at the start of the season going on to become Champions would have him and his team celebrated all over the world and remembered for a very long time.

Even if Leicester began the campaign with the creme de la creme of coaches that have successful track records, say Pep Guardiola, you would say there is no chance of them winning the title before the season began.

The fact is there’s no better manager to have as the underdog than Ranieri.

You might as well call it ‘The Ranieri’ instead of underdog. Even if Leicester are one point away from sealing the title with five games to play, he would still say the same thing: “We are no favourites.”

I love it!

As a player it’s funny to see him talk it down to the press. You know what he tells you in the dressing room, but when you’re at home and you see your Gaffa playing mind games it makes you smile.

I’m very impressed by how disciplined he’s kept his players.

They just work harder and are fitter then most teams in the league, and when the rest of the big clubs start to slip up after Christmas, Leicester keep charging forward to the end.

When you work hard as a team and have goal scorers, you’ll always believe you can win any game. That said, most teams that have the work rate of Leicester still struggle to score goals and lack the tactical intelligence that Ranieri brings to his team. At Chelsea he always said the guy next to you is who you have to protect and make him better, and he will do the same to you.

His Leicester team are doing that same thing.

I know some people and especially Charlie Stillitano are talking about Leicester because they will be playing Champion League next season (if not for a dramatic collapse). Stillitano says Leicester doesn’t belong there. I hear where he comes from because he’s focusing on the business side of the game.

But come on.

If you play out a consistently spectacular season like Leicester and earn the title with hard work and sweat, it would be a crime to take the reward of European football away.

No one likes the predictable, and that’s why Leicester City’s story is so special.

Please keep football unpredictable because if not, it will be boring.