One of the biggest tests this coming weekend will be how Liverpool FC can respond when they play Leicester.

We know what happened to Liverpool at the weekend, where Guardiola’s side won 4-1 and said without the Liverpool supporters it gave them some help to beat them. Klopp agreed that without the fans it is really hard to beat the opponents that come to Anfield, and that what would have never been a problem last season and the one before when they lost that amazing run against Man City.

Liverpool have now lost three in a row at home, and this means it comes as the perfect time for Leicester to face them.

Liverpool are not in form and aren’t playing the football that made us enjoy watching Klopp and his team over the past few years. The defeats will have knocked their confidence, especially with Allison Becker’s situation, and their next game is a tough one as Leicester City, on the other hand, are playing the game that sometimes makes them look unstoppable. The Foxes are now ready to give it a big push again in leaving some daylight between Liverpool and themselves, as they chase down the two Manchester clubs.

This would be one of the objectives of a coach like Brandan. He would do anything he can to make sure he beats Liverpool, by playing the way he likes, making sure his side doesn’t get exposed by leaving too much space for Liverpool to run into behind his defence. They could be tested by speed and the counterattacks of Liverpool so it will be interesting to see what happens on Saturday.

If Leicester happen to win the game and Chelsea win their game on Monday against Newcastle, it could be seeing Liverpool dropping to 6th or even 7th depending on West Ham’s result.

That’s a position nobody would have expected to see Liverpool in at this point in the season but Klopp has a big task in front of him to turn the tide and get back on a winning streak. #mmlove