I spent the last couple of days watching the international football.

The team that caught my eye the most was the Brazilians. Now you might be thinking “Really?” after the pain the whole nation felt after the World Cup. Everyone was lost and many were reduced to tears, including the women, that some would say are usually focused on their beauty and showing their curves. “But no guys it’s a natural blessing Brazilian women possess.”

How could their dream boys hurt them like that? Some players were hated and it seemed they would never be forgiven after the infamous 7-1 defeat to Germany. I was stunned. I couldn’t believe it was happening, especially in their own back garden. I’m sure the squad and the fans want to erase that from their memory.

Every player underperformed and, also not help their cause was that their wonderboy Neymar getting injured and missing their crucial games. But that all looks behind them now. They have a new team and it looks like some new stars are emerging. The team is back in full swing and once again loved by the nation.

After they walked through Argentina with a 3-0 win I started to imagine what it would have been like if I was a Brazilian.

If I was born in Rio de Janeiro, would I – rather than growing up playing football in the snow during the winter – instead play on Copacabana beach after school.

Would I be a kid from the favela dancing samba like the people from Mangueira? Why not? That would push me even more, thinking I’ve got to get out of here and bring the rest of my family and close friends along with me, even knowing that some don’t even like leaving the lively favelas.

Romario the magical Brazilian striker came from the favela. He was small but not scared of anyone because he had seen it all. And what a player he was. I would definitely try to play with flair of coutinho, the attacking instinct of Jesus Gabriel the new kid on the block, mixed with the confidence of Neymar.

Ok, maybe it’s time for me to wake up – I would have been a defender. But then at least I could use the calm and composed nature of Marquinhos and mix it with the Dani Alves attacking force.

O boy, what is life without a little imagination?

It’s great as long as you don’t only dream but act. Make it happen because it’s always nice to talk about what you’ve done and are still doing with your life, rather than talking about what others have done and what you could have achieved.